Education Programme

We strongly believe every child should have access to education, at least public education thereby enabling them have some knowledge to live a better life. Our programme is for all students interested in education, Support family who cannot send their love ones to school. 

Our programme is to support through financial fees from primary to higher education and we also support for school uniform and books for primary and secondary educations.

Our Educational Projects

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#1: Back to School Programme

This is to help those who have dropped out of school but have strong interest in education come back to school.The programme covers primary, secondary and tertiary education as long as the intended beneficiary is serious and ready to be educated. We currently have beneficiaries at all levels of education.

The beneficiaries enjoy total support from school fees to accommodation,  text and note books, school uniforms for secondary schools, lockers, school levies and any other requirement to keep them focused in school in other to avoid them dropping out or not performing well due to lack of one thing or the other

#2: School Uniform Support Programme

This is designed to help properly cloth primary and secondary students whose parents don’t have resources and help build their self esteem by ensuring they look good so they can concentrate on studying.

There is a great level of discrimination in schools; some of these poor students are called derogatory names which makes them lose focus many times.

#3: School Fees Support Programme

This is to help pay tuitions, SSCE fees and other school fees for students whose families genuinely can’t afford to pay their fees yet struggle daily to keep them in school. Many of these students owe several fees and are daily sent back home while others study so they are in and out of school.

Giving them this support will enable them study with concentration and also keep them from dropping out of school.In February 2020, we had a case of a final year medical student who was owing about 200,000 that almost affected him as he was preparing for his medical examination, OF stepped in and ensured he was able to write the exam.

#4: School Feeding Project

There are pupils who go to school with empty stomach for a lot of reasons and none of these reasons no matter how good or bad justifies a child studying with an empty stomach.

We come across this situation almost every time and we can’t close our eyes to what these children are going through. We make arrangement with local food sellers around their schools or within the schools to give them food and we pick the bills weekly or monthly depending on what the food seller agrees to.

Once the Federal Government’s free food project circulates the nation, we might put this on hold in case there is no continuity from the next regime if power changes hands. Right now, there are million of kids to feed in  Nigerian schools and we are ready to make an impact anytime.

Recent Projects

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