Public Speaking

We are also in the business of touching on issues as they affect our targets to keep them focused and help them stay constantly on track using effective communication method.


There are so many vices the young struggle with daily which affect their performance because of the divided attention. Many of them do not know how to manage the reality revealed to them daily and they want to enjoy everything juicy they see without a second thought. 


The teachers invite us to educate, enlighten, and inform them appropriately so they can take the best of decisions.


Working with young people involves a lot of giving a little guidance here and there to achieve results. So it has been imperative to help them channel their energy properly and constantly help them retrace their steps when they go off track which is common among youths.


We help some of the students in secondary schools pick career paths and work with them to ensure they choose in line with their passion


We help individuals who love to sponsor social service programmes in their names or for their loved ones come up with suitable ideas and also manage the programmes for them. 


some want projects done for them under another registered names and they are too busy to manage these projects so we help them coordinate things.


Others just decide to mark something dear to them by giving to the needy and we simply serve as a go-between as long as its about delivering values to those in need


Many are on the street daily with issues that need immediate solution and some of these issues could be a matter of life and death, we come across such from time to time as we are constantly on the move and offer help even if they don’t fall within our target range nor have issues within our focus areas.


We see kids that are maltreated by the guardian every time as we move around. We take the necessary steps to see that such a child is taken care of.


We also attend to many other daily issues that people face as we move around in the course of working on our core areas.

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